Show Postponed

Hello all! Hope you are surviving this new ‘normal’ due to the Coronavirus. We have postponed our April 18th show. This is a tough time for so many as each day is filled with unknowns.
GOOD NEWS is we have set a new date! September 26th for our Matinee and Evening show and September 27th for our Fashion Marketplace. Thankful that The Fort Vancouver Historic Trust was able to find us a new date at the Artillery Barracks and Red Cross Building.
As a designer/creator I find myself always wishing for another hour, day, week, month, year….. now I and all our incredible designers get that chance to perfect their collection to create their best yet! Many of our designers are excited to either modify their collection for ‘FALL’ and/or create a new collection just for the season.
MORE GOOD NEWS…. you will get to shows back to back and not have to wait a year! Our current plan is to have the September show followed by an April 2021 show!

As always we are so thankful to our Fashion Show and Marketplace sponsors; Fort Vancouver Historic Trust, Waste Connections, Wild Fern, Sew Op + Makerspace, Source Climbing Gym, SEVEN Haircare, Pacifica Beauty, Beigeblond Salon and Most Everything Vintage.

We will post updates this summer with hopes of TICKETS GOING ON SALE SEPTEMBER 1st. Until then, keep your chin high, your thoughts positive and BE WELL!

Alisa and Brett

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