Designer Auditions for ’19 Fashion Show

We are so excited to announce the news that we have started to plan Couve Couture Fashion Show, April 2019.
We, Brett Allred, owner of Beigeblond Salon and myself, Alisa Tetreault, owner of Most Everything Vintage have had a busy couple of years growing our businesses and needed some time to breathe and focus. We are back and ready to bring you another exciting fashion show!
We have started planning and I have to say how excited we are for this next Couve Couture. Our plan is to have two smaller shows with 400-500 attendees for each. Friday night will showcase ‘Couture‘ fashion and Saturday night will showcase ‘Avant-garde.’ Designers will be from Washington with a couple guest slots from outside the state.
We are now taking applications for Washington resident designers. If you or someone you know specializes in Couture or Avant-Garde fashion, please share the news.

CC '18 designer aud 1 copy

’15 Couve Couture – Designer: Kate Miles, Model: Faye Ellingson, Photographer: Oblique Photo 

Application Specifics:
Clothing must be original designs that you have created in one of two categories; Couture or Avant-Garde

         Couture – high fashion, elegant, creative and artistic with an emphasis on textiles, embellishments and tailoring.

         Avant-Garde – high fashion with experimental and radical clothing design focusing on artistic form from head to toe. Lines, textures, embellishments and tailoring are of high importance to give us art on the runway.

Applications must be submitted by June 30, 2018. Approved recipients will receive an e-mail invite for auditions by July 5, 2018 with July date and location specifics.

Application must include
1. Designer name
2. Designer bio including age, fashion background, fashion style and city/state
3. Designer photo
4. Photos of three examples of work

Application e-mails need to be sent to both e-mails: and

Looking forward to meeting our new ’19 Couve Couture designers!

If you are interested in becoming a SPONSOR for our ’19 show, feel free to contact us through our above mentioned e-mails or you can comment on this post.