2019 Show Sponsors

CC 19 Show Poster OFFICIAL
Special ‘thanks’ to our wonderful sponsors that help make this show a possibility

Couve Couture Creators and Dreamers: Beigeblond Salon, Most Everything Vintage,

Show Sponsors:

Source Gym promo pic copy
Source Climbing Center is a  premier indoor rock climbing facility in Vancouver, Washington. This center has become just that… a center for people of all ages who want a challenge and a fun way to exercise. Their staff is extensive in their climbing knowledge. If you haven’t visited their climbing facility, go! It is life changing when you get to the top of the wall! Located on Main Street in downtown Vancouver WA.
This will be their fourth year sponsoring Couve Couture… thank you Source Climbing Center!

TRUST TREE promo copy
Trust Tree
What is Trust Tree?
Trust Tree Productions exists to empower women through purposeful action. Founded as a multi-platform lifestyle brand, Trust Tree creates community through storytelling and events catalyzing a tribe of women to change the world.
We believe when women gather, great things happen. We know the journey can be lonely. We see you. Our stories matter and they reflect insights and inspiration, barriers and bruises, loneliness and love. Our lives are more than one or two events. Our lives must reflect the mosaic of messiness between our milestones.
We are committed to honoring our history, creating places for connections and to lifting women to higher ground (thank you Madonna!). From collaborative and creative spaces, a social fight club, films documenting trailblazing women and rad merchandise you can proudly proclaim your membership, Trust Tree intends on being where women are as we listen and we share,
Our perspective challenge us to evolve. Join us as we lift each other.
To learn more trusttreegroup.com


Kiggins theatre promo
Kiggins Theatre – Grand Opening was April 24, 1936. Since this time, The Kiggins Theatre has become a wonderful piece of history that continues to thrive as an ‘icon’ on Main Street in Downtown Vancouver USA. Captain Dan and his team has worked hard to promote this incredible theatre as  independently minded while community focused. If you haven’t visited in the last 5 years, you are in for a great experience! This will be The Kiggins fifth year as a Couve Couture show sponsor and we are so thankful. Support your local, community theatre!

In Memory of Jamie Wyatt Miller   February 29, 1976 – May 29, 2018

Jamie Miller logo


Jaime was born in Seattle and passed away in Vancouver. In between, she lived her life to the fullest, and inspired most everyone who came into her vicinity.
She left behind her husband of 20 years, Andy; her two beautiful children, Alex and Jillian; her loving parents, Dan and Janis; her brother, Dan and his family; grandmother, Vi Beslow; along with in-laws, brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews and a whole tribe of great friends.
Jaime was the first to volunteer, the last to leave any party and she had an uncanny gift of being able to make everyone feel like the most important person in the room.
She was proud to have graduated from Columbia River High School and Washington State University.
She enjoyed a diverse career working for her Dad’s business Atlantic & Pacific Freightways along with times working with her Mom at LPL Financial, her cousin at WW Payments Systems and her friends at Why Racing. Jaime also helped raise funds for her community by helping with CAMEO for a number of years.
She put her heart and soul into everything that she did. She lived every day, with hearts full of love, humor, and lots of color.
Jaime was such an incredible volunteer of Couve Couture and we miss her dearly. This year we celebrate her life and story with our upcoming show. I am sure she will be looking down from above enjoying the moment and cheering on our local creators.

54518757_414581679118556_655233506233810944_nThe ‘Divine’ ladies have been attending our show for years and this is the first year for
Divine Consign to sponsor Couve Couture. We are so appreciative of their support and all that they do for SW Washington. If you haven’t been to their retail space, you should definitely visit! Located in Downtown Vancouver with a 10,000 sq. ft. showroom with beautiful, gently used home furnishings along with b. divine ladies boutique located in the basement. Operated by volunteers with proceeds donated to community charities. Divine Consign   (est. 1997) is a non-profit 501c3.

Artillery Barracks FB header copy
We are so excited to use two Historic Trust Fort Vancouver buildings for two-day event.
Fashion Show: Fort Vancouver Artillery Barracks. Once the home of the United States Army Infantry. The east side (where the show will be) was renovated in 2011.
Fashion Marketplace: Fort Vancouver Red Cross Building. Once the official headquarters for the Red Cross in Vancouver and completely restored in 2003.
We are thankful to The Historic Trust and especially Debbie for working with us to make these 2 days special and memorable!


WE are thrilled to have 7SEVEN as our hair care sponsor for Couve Couture 2019! What an incredible line! Hair ‘art’ is such a part of each designers ‘look’ for the runway. Can’t wait to see what our hair stylists create on our 28 models for the show. Here is a little bit about about 7SEVEN Haircare…

“We want to give you your most beautiful hair.

It’s been that way since the early days when our Seattle-based SEVEN salon quickly grew from a crew of nine stylists to a full, thriving team of 65. As we expanded, we outgrew the heavy, sticky products that had been designed to please a small audience of professionals needing rigid, photo-ready styles. We wanted a change, and so did our clients.

We wanted touchable, luxurious, naturally three-dimensional hair. We wanted products that made our hair look great and feel great.

So we created them––products with high-performance formulations that work for stylists, but also make it easy to create healthy, elegant, lightweight looks at home.

We are continually crafting, testing and refining formulas to create products you love to use. Whether creating ocean-kissed waves, chic chignons, or glossy curls – our products give you everything you need to let your unique beauty shine through.”

Roshann promo copy
Roshan   has   been   a   passionate   contributor   to   the   beauty   industry   for   over   23   years.   Born   and raised   in   Portland,   Oregon,   she   graduated   from   Beau   Monde   College   of   Hair   Design   in   1994 with   a   full   Cosmetology   license   including   Barbering.   Roshan   is   the   Owner,   Education   Director, and   Lead   Stylist   at
Glow   Boutique   Salon,   one   of   Portland’s   premiere   salons.   Her   specialties   are advanced   men’s   and   women’s   haircutting,   color   correction,   modern   and   established   color techniques,   hair   styling,   and   educating.   She   is   also   a   Partner   Educator   at   Seven   Haircare teaching   men’s   and   women’s   cutting,   color,   and   styling   classes   in   the   Portland   area   and   other locations   around   the   country.   She   has   educated   for   companies   such   as   Phytologie   Haircare   and Hattori   Hanzo   Shears.      Roshan   worked   as   a   top   producing   Senior   Stylist   and   regularly   trained New   Talent   assistants   at   Diva   Studio   in   Las   Vegas,   one   of   the   best   salons   in   the   country.      Las Vegas   is   where   she   established   herself   as   a   hairstylist   and   makeup   artist   styling   for   many   photo shoots,   runway   and   stage   shows,   television,   commercials,   film,   and   special   events.   She   has worked   with    MTV’s   Real   World,   The   Billboard   Music   Awards,     Fox’s   Hidden   Video,    companies such   as    Janzen,   MAC   Cosmetics,   Gatorade,   Max   Mara,    and   many   more.   It   is   important   to Roshan   to   continue   to   grow   and   to   contribute   positively   to   our   industry   in   every   setting…behind the   chair,   on   location,   while   teaching,   and/or   mentoring.   She   believes   it’s   critical   to   continue learning   and   that   we   never   know   it   all.   Roshan   gives   back   through   hosting,   participating   in,   and donating   to   charitable   causes   and   foundations   regularly.   She   says   her   biggest   accomplishments are   her   children   and   opening   and   growing   her   Pearl   District   salon.
Roshan will be leading a team of 10 hair artists for our Couve Couture Fashion Show.
Hair Team-
1) Roshan Tayefemohajer, Insta @roshanpdxhair, https://www.instagram.com/roshanpdxhair/
2) Michael Hawk Ernsdorff, Insta @hawkshairfashion https://www.instagram.com/hawkshairfashion/
3) Tatum Dean, Insta @cosmotot https://www.instagram.com/cosmotot/
4) Tiffani Beste, Insta @tiffaniandcompany_ https://www.instagram.com/tiffaniandcompany_/
5) Kari Welch, Insta @kdubstyle, https://www.instagram.com/kdubstyle/
6) Joy Thompson, Insta @joythompsonhair, https://www.instagram.com/joythompsonhair/
7) Morgan Roberts, Insta @morganleigh.hmu, https://www.instagram.com/morganleigh.hmu
8) Priscilla Reyes, Insta @priscilla_hairstylistpdx, https://www.instagram.com/priscilla_hairstylistpdx/
9) David Bovadilla, Insta @davidbstylist, https://www.instagram.com/davidbstylist/
10) Emília Hart, Insta @emiliapdxhair, https://www.instagram.com/emiliapdxhair/

Both Courtney and Kim will be leading a tam of 10 local makeup artists for our Couve Couture Fashion Show.
MUA Courtney copy54349918_302706680418713_5410864335679389696_n

CC '14 Compass Coffee promo copy
Compass Coffee

Our focus is of Coffee as Culinary from crop to cup.
Soil, smoke, and steam.

Through careful sourcing, Compass acquires unroasted coffee from the top 0.1% of the coffee market. It is carefully, intently roasted 6lbs (or less) at a time. Small batches make it easier to control quality and freshness. We usually roast 5 days a week.

When the coffee reaches our shop, it is in the hands of intensely and thoroughly trained baristas, who are excited and proud of what we are able to accomplish.

Compass Coffee has been helping fuel our models and crew since 2013.



Oblique Foto  has been with us since our second show in 2013 and has since helped provide so much of the photography to promote our show. Thrilled to have Alain Briand on our team as he brings so much talent to our show. Alain is our show photography liaison and has created an incredible photographic runway team.

Bobby P. Productions has also been with us since our second show in 2013. What a difference it is to have a professional video team! If you would like to see a video from our last show, you can visit the following link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC-O2NIWZjY


Perfume samples by Desi Designs


Our Fashion Marketplace will be the following day, April 14th, 11-3 at The Fort Vancouver Red Cross Building; 605 Barnes Rd., Vancouver WA 98661
FREE admittance!
Cedar’s Academy is a leading-edge makeup school with an accelerated program (condensed school calendar) dedicated to nurturing aspiring makeup artists’ creativity, technique and professionalism by focusing solely on makeup knowledge and application, freelancing know-how, and offering a kit that has everything a graduate needs to make money immediately. It is the academy’s mission to create artists of quality and set the standard of makeup artistry in the Northwest and beyond through its talented student body and alumni.
Cedar’s Academy of Makeup Artistry will be doing makeup tutorials throughout the day.

NMV T1 Logo Color-01
We have teamed up with Night Market Vancouver​ to create a marketplace full of local fashion apparel and accessory creators…25+! Meet our Couve Couture designers and potentially purchase pieces that walked down the runway.
Please check out Night Market Vancouver’s monthly events featuring the best of artisans from the Pacific Northwest!


If you like what we are doing and want to be a part of celebrating fashion, local business and our local community, and are interested in being a future show sponsor, we would love to hear from you. You can find our contact information on our ‘Contact Us’ page.
We will be doing a promo through August 1st that if you or your business would like to sponsor Couve Couture 2020, we will be offering 50% off for both the fashion show and fashion marketplace if paid in full by August 1st.


We (Brett from Beigeblond Salon and Alisa from Most Everything Vintage) started Couve Couture with the idea of bringing local fashion creators (designers, hair, make-up, nails, models, photographers, etc.) together to create an amazing experience showcasing local, SW Washington, talent. We had no idea that this idea would be accepted so quickly and enthusiastically. To sell out of tickets before the posters went up for our first show was wonderful. Every moment of the evening was incredible and we consider it an honor to be the ‘dreamers’ of the event.

We knew that we had to grow, hopefully double our attendee numbers and designers. This meant bringing on more help in planning since we are not only owners of our businesses… but operators as well. The caliber of people that came to us after the first show, offering their volunteer services was pretty amazing.

We would also like to thank our local media who have helped share Couve Couture; The Columbian, The Reflector, Vancouver Downtown Association, Camas Life and The Kiggins Theatre.

2 thoughts on “2019 Show Sponsors

  1. Alisa I am so excited for you and all the contributors to this spring fashion show! So glad I am in town for this event after missing your first one. Hopefully your article in the Columbian today will spark even more early ticket sales…AND it was right below an article named…”$20 in my pocket: Celebs hit the thrift shops”!
    Sharon Richardson

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