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If you have any questions about our Couve Couture Spring Fashion Show or future Couve Couture Shows, please feel free to contact us.

Brett Allred – e-mail:

Alisa Tetreault – e-mail:


6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I received our table of four tickets. The enclosed letter requested that I sign-up for show updates. Is this just a matter if giving my email address to follow the blog? I’m not seeing an official sign-up window and wanted to make sure by giving my email address to the blog site, that was enough.

    • Hi Elizabeth. Yes, you are correct. By signing up on this Couve Couture website/blog you will get updates for the show. We are working to finalize the menu for your tables and hope to have it posted a few days before the show.
      Each show we have done has been in a different location making it fresh and new each time. This also means communicating details like parking, check-in, show specifics, etc. can be done through this e-mail notification process.
      Over the next two and a half weeks we will be showcasing our designers and media sponsors through facebook so you are more than welcome to follow us there. All of this information is currently on this website or will be added soon.
      Looking forward to seeing you at the show!

  2. Your link to Seth Aaron’s site does not take you to, but takes you to, which is just a tad bit inappropriate. Just thought someone should know!

    • Hi Carolyn! Boy, you are on it with your calendar:) We are meeting in July to start the planning of the 2016 show and hope to have a date set by the end of July. Will make sure to post on this site so everyone can start planning for next years BIG event.
      Take care,
      Brett and Alisa

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